taylor scott ross

  1. Canapé des Calanques
  2. Siesta Butte and the Turtle Pilgrimage
  3. Zeus Strikes Gold atop Mont Ventoux
  4. William Wallace Plays with Lincoln Logs
  5. Playgrown
  6. (Nothing but) Rigsbee

  1. RRP x Jouffre - Henge Chair
  2. The Iluminus Group x Jouffre — Cozy Canyon
  3. Garcé & Dimofski x Jouffre — Taylor Sofa 
  4. Suzanne Lovell x Jouffre — Fraternal Twins
  5. kinder MODERN — Lunar Eclipse Playset
  6. kinder MODERN — Heritage Trio

  1. Taylor Scott Ross is a 3D Designer specializing in the use of furniture + spaces as a tool for speculation and manifesting fantastic realities.
  2. "The future is no longer regarded as predestined…It is now seen as the result of the decisions, discoveries, and efforts that we make today. The future does not exist, but a limitless number of possible futures can be created." — Frances Bell


Canapé des Calanques

MAR 2023

Canapé des Calanques
Upholstered in Pierre Frey teddy mohair, Metaphores flat-weave, and Nobilis bouclé with dyed leather piping
Lacquered maple base, legs, and branches
Available for purchase through Adorno

          ...But even giants grow weary, and so it was that this mighty creature sought respite in the cool, azure waters of the sea. As the limestone giant immersed itself, the salted sea began to dissolve it, a slow, inexorable decay that rendered the sedimentary body ever smaller and jagged. Yet, from the giant's decay arose a new landscape of twisted flora that nestled their way into the crumbling rock, forming a maze of material melange. An unexpected sacrifice that gave rise to a breathtaking new world.