taylor scott ross

Collaborative Storytelling
  1. The Iluminus Group — Cozy Canyon
  2. Garcé & Dimofski — Taylor Sofa 
  3. Suzanne Lovell — Fraternal Twins
  4. kinder MODERN — Lunar Eclipse Playset
  5. kinder MODERN — Heritage Trio

Storytelling Objects
  1. Siesta Butte and the Turtle Pilgrimage
  2. Zeus Strikes Gold atop Mont Ventoux
  3. William Wallace Plays with Lincoln Logs
  4. Bad Snake and the Forbidden Fruit Bowl
  5. Highway to Lookout Lamp
  6. Playgrown Swing
  7. (Nothing but) Rigsbee

  1. Taylor Scott Ross is a 3D Designer specializing in the use of furniture + spaces as a tool for speculation and manifesting fantastic realities.
  2. "The future is no longer regarded as predestined…It is now seen as the result of the decisions, discoveries, and efforts that we make today. The future does not exist, but a limitless number of possible futures can be created." — Frances Bell


Siesta Butte and the Turtle Pilgrimage

NOV 2021
For (Un)Cover Jouffre

Siesta Butte

Upholstered in Pierre Frey - Esteban (Gambas) with dyed leather piping
Stained white oak base + legs
Please email for pricing inquiries

Vintage Turtle Footstools
Reupholstered with remnants and Declercq Passimentiers trims

          ... And when the travelers came upon the divine topography they knew their pilgrimage was realized and so their songs grew silent. Once a resting place for drifter giants, a monolith remains and conjures questions of purpose and god’s whereabouts. The turtle pilgrims believe that there is no doubt of the spirit before them and that indelibility inherently implies importance. At the end of their journey but far from the end of the world, the travelers now rest in the gaze of the sun with the fleshy ridges of red earth acting as a personal daybed. “Maybe it is just daybeds all the way down,” speculates Rachel, the youngest of the turtle pilgrims.

Photographs by Sean Davidson