taylor scott ross

Collaborative Storytelling
  1. The Iluminus Group — Cozy Canyon
  2. Garcé & Dimofski — Taylor Sofa 
  3. Suzanne Lovell — Fraternal Twins
  4. kinder MODERN — Lunar Eclipse Playset
  5. kinder MODERN — Heritage Trio

Storytelling Objects
  1. Siesta Butte and the Turtle Pilgrimage
  2. Zeus Strikes Gold atop Mont Ventoux
  3. William Wallace Plays with Lincoln Logs
  4. Bad Snake and the Forbidden Fruit Bowl
  5. Highway to Lookout Lamp
  6. Playgrown Swing
  7. (Nothing but) Rigsbee

  1. Taylor Scott Ross is a 3D Designer specializing in the use of furniture + spaces as a tool for speculation and manifesting fantastic realities.
  2. "The future is no longer regarded as predestined…It is now seen as the result of the decisions, discoveries, and efforts that we make today. The future does not exist, but a limitless number of possible futures can be created." — Frances Bell


taylor scott ross

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." – R. Buckminster Fuller

I believe play, speculation, and intentionality are paramount to meaningful design. I earned a BFA in Furniture Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016 where I designed a collection of play furniture and objects for grown-ups to promote their inner child. Since graduating, I moved to Brooklyn, NY and have been working and collaborating with others who share my passion for imaginative and playful design.

Growing up in the Woodlands, Texas, where all summer long was bring-your-kid-to-work day at my father's home building company, family and the built environment strongly influenced my childhood, education, and design work. Playgrounds and construction sites, surrealist paintings, and biomorphic + postmodern sculpture are among my biggest inspirations. I find myself drawn to the playfully absurd, using design as a lens to look at societal nuances, pop culture, mythology, and the end of the world. Nostalgia and fantasy are my tools as I create objects that tell a story from a twisted (maybe happier) reality.

Throughout my experience as a furniture designer and maker I have worked on many diverse projects: providing me with skills and expertise in sophisticated materials, playful geometries, and fine craftsmanship. Every project, my goal is to challenge myself to do better, try something new, and make someone smile.

Currently, I am the Lead Designer at the New York City office for Jouffre. Connect with me if you’d like to make something fun together!