taylor scott ross

  1. Canapé des Calanques
  2. Siesta Butte and the Turtle Pilgrimage
  3. Zeus Strikes Gold atop Mont Ventoux
  4. William Wallace Plays with Lincoln Logs
  5. Playgrown
  6. (Nothing but) Rigsbee

  1. RRP x Jouffre - Henge Chair
  2. The Iluminus Group x Jouffre — Cozy Canyon
  3. Garcé & Dimofski x Jouffre — Taylor Sofa 
  4. Suzanne Lovell x Jouffre — Fraternal Twins
  5. kinder MODERN — Lunar Eclipse Playset
  6. kinder MODERN — Heritage Trio

  1. Taylor Scott Ross is a 3D Designer specializing in the use of furniture + spaces as a tool for speculation and manifesting fantastic realities.
  2. "The future is no longer regarded as predestined…It is now seen as the result of the decisions, discoveries, and efforts that we make today. The future does not exist, but a limitless number of possible futures can be created." — Frances Bell


kinder MODERN – Lunar Eclipse Playset

For kinder MODERN

Lunar Table + Eclipse Chairs
Stained or Lacquered Baltic Birch Ply
Designed in collaboration w/ Studiokinder

Multi-functional play set includes an arc-shaped table that seats up to 3 and a nesting chair that does double-duty as a side table.

Interior Design Best of Year 2018 Awards Finalist

         “With these children’s furniture pieces, we’re looking to expand the idea of good looking, functional furniture for kids,”
says Lora Appleton, kinder MODERN Founder and Principal Designer. “Our in-house design team focused on developing a minimalist interpretation of the astral concepts that captivated us all as children, while at the same time creating tables and chairs that are flexible, fun and mixed-use.”